About These Awards

There are many people who do things in the SWAT Kats fandom for other’s enjoyment. Oftentimes these people are recognized for what they do at the time they do it, but as time passes and some fans move on while newer ones arrive, they can be lost to obscurity. The purpose of these awards are to highlight the contributions many have made so that they may be recognized and remembered.

This is an incomplete project, one that will require much feedback. The list of recipients below is far from conclusive, and more will be added. The choice for “medals” was made to allow for more flexibility in the amount and times of which they are given to recipients, as opposed to static “awards” based on a specific passage of time (annual for instance).

Finally, a thank you to every fan who has made SWAT Kats a successful online fandom. From people on the front lines running websites to those who are content to quietly enjoy what’s available - your participation is what makes everything possible.

Service Medals

Service Medals are reserved for contributors who go above and beyond normal levels of participation, providing a variety of, but not limited to, websites, art, writing, projects, community, and assistance over a long period of time measured in years, at personal and financial expense. Without these people, the fandom would be a far different place. Recipients of this medal exhibit the majority of the criteria for other medals. It is the highest honor this site can express. The following recipients are sorted alphabetically.

Kristen Sharpe

Recipient of the Service Medal

Since 1997, Kris has been a welcoming presence in the SWAT Kats fandom, often times being the first person new fans interact with online. Her dedication has led her to be the maintainer of several projects that would have been otherwise lost, among them being the Fan Fiction Archive, Fan Art Archive and Live Journal communities. Almost all online SWAT Kats projects are related to her in some way or another.

Kris has also contributed over a decade’s worth of fiction, art, and ideas, while also aiding fans with their own projects by beta reading, critiquing, testing and otherwise participating. She is a unifying cornerstone of the SWAT Kats fandom that has been made better and more accessible due to her efforts, often inspiring others to share their talents in the process.

It is because of her dedication, demenour, influence and level of participation that Kristen Sharpe is awarded the Service Medal, the highest honor this site can express.

Kristen's SWAT Kat Gallery »


Recipient of the Service Medal

In many ways Strike is the founder of the SWAT Kats fandom, responsible for the creation of the SK Zone, Fan Art Archive, Strike's RPG, Monthly SWAT Kat Art Challenge and more.

She provided an active centralized hub for fans to get in contact with each other, and gathered many exclusives and performed several interviews with show writers to get rare materials that would have otherwise been lost.

Active in the fandom until 2005, Strike contributed many years worth of fiction, art and ideas. Though she has since retired from the fandom, Strike's influences are still present to this day.

For her efforts in unifying fans and providing a top-notch fansite in a fledgeling online environment, Strike is the recipient of the Service Medal, the highest honor this site can express.

Strike's SWAT Kat Zone »

Community Medals

Community Medals are awarded to fans who encourage, establish and provide a means of community for the fandom, through use of websites, forums and other means. They often occupy a leadership position, and spend many years at personal and financial expense to provide a place for content, canon and original, to live. Without them, the fandom would be a far emptier place. The following recipients are sorted alphabetically.


Recipient of the Community Medal

When SWAT Kats.com shut down toward the end of 2005, the unified fandom was on the verge of dissolving. SWAT Kats fan Clint decided to combat this by establishing SWAT Kats.us, a central website offering a forum to fill the void left by SWAT Kats.com. Since 2006, it has been a center of fandom community, with nearly every bit of news, project, announcement or shared work making an appearance there at least once. For his efforts at personal and financial expense, and years of dedication at providing an active online community, Clint is awarded the Community Medal.

SWAT Kats.us »

DJ Clawson

Recipient of the Community Medal

DJ Clawson could be considered by many to be the founder of the SWAT Kats fandom. An active participant in the online mailing lists of the mid-90s, DJ was a coordinating presence that helped build the SWAT Kats fandom, creating its longest-running project: The SWAT Kats Fan Fiction Archive. The archive contains hundreds of stories and authors that span a decade-and-a-half of participating. Most important of all, was the system of stewardship that DJ encouraged when she retired from the SWAT Kats fandom that allows the archive to continue independent of her to this very day. For her work in organizing the fledgling fandom, DJ is awarded the Community Medal.

SWAT Kats Fan Fiction Archive »


Recipient of the Community Medal

Razaar was a long-time fan and participant in the fandom, running several websites and RPGs, most notably the Kat Krew, and was a forum moderator on SWAT Kats.com. She was also an active artist and writer. When Strike was retiring from the fandom, she took on the task of preserving the SK Zone for several years. When SWAT Kats.com shut down, she took on the task of providing a new forum that helped to preserve the online community. She did all of these things at personal and financial expense, and for her long-term dedication she is awarded the Community Medal.

Razor & Xyanth

Recipient of the Community Medal

In September of 2002, the online fandom experienced a sort of renaissance, becoming incredibly active due to the creation of SWAT Kats.com. Until that point, there was not a strong centralized community of fans. The forums of SWAT Kats.com unified nearly all of these groups, and the level of activity among hundreds of members was unprecedented. The amount of artwork, discussions and projects exchanged back-and-forth among fans kept the show alive for many. Many of the forum moderators can still be found running their own SWAT Kats projects today. The creators of SWAT Kats.com were Razor and Xyanth, and for their years of effort and financial expense, they’re awarded the Community Medal.

Research Medals

Research Medals are awarded to fans who generate original, show-based materials en masse over a period of years. They are often the ones responsible for identifying trivia, writing analyses, editorializing, and helping to define the items that all fans have viewed. They are often the ones behind the scenes who create the content that populates the internet. The following recipients are sorted alphabetically.


Recipient of the Research Medal

Felony is a longtime participant of the SWAT Kats fandom, contributing countless works of art, writing and ideas. Her personal project, Dark Kat’s Doomsday Page, provides a plethora of information about the show’s arch villain. She is also a major contributor to The SWAT Kats Encyclopedia, researching the show and providing entries and rewrites along with collecting better screenshots. She has provided content for numerous projects, including the now defunct SWAT Kat Journal. She has been a member of nearly every RPG. If there is a SWAT Kats project you’ve seen, there’s a good chance that Felony has been involved. For all these reasons, Felony is the recipient of the Research Medal.

Class A Felony »


Recipient of the Research Medal

Kooshmeister is the fan’s fan. He is the ultimate authority on the show, and ultimate commentator on its various aspects. He brings an analytical approach to the content he generates, and his participation is legend. Kooshmeister is responsible for most of the lists, trivia, biographies, and general details you’ve read about related to SWAT Kats. He was a major contributor to Strike’s SWAT Kat Zone and the largest contributor to The SWAT Kats Encyclopedia (in many ways it’s really his site). His discussions and observations have populated many forums, wikis and communities. He is a cornerstone of the SWAT Kats fandom, and deserving recipient of the Research Medal.

Artwork Medals

Artwork Medals are awarded to those artists who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Display a great level of time, detail and effort in their work
  • Attempt to reach a diversity of audiences
  • Demonstrate an impressive level of skill
  • Do something groundbreaking that makes everyone take notice

The following recipients are sorted alphabetically.


Recipient of the Artwork Medal

Aerokat, co-founder of SWAT Kats Redemption (an ongoing forum-based and IRC-chat based role playing game), is also the artist behind the Nova Squadron fan comic (alongside Felony). For several years Aerokat has been a coordinating presence in the SWAT Kats art community, and for her efforts and contributions she's awarded the Artwork Medal.

Poecat Comix »


Recipient of the Artwork Medal

Debuting on MegakatCity.com in the beginning of 2015, Betaruga has been a constant source of avid participation and quickly rose to the ranks of the administrative staff, galvanizing the forum's emphasis on artwork, and being a major participant in art threads, video projects and the social media promotion of various SWAT Kats items including the Kickstarter campaign (contributing an incredible restrospective, viewable here). What may be her pinnacle project, The Descent, is the comic adaptation of Krisen Sharpe's and Sage SK's They That Walk In Darkness, a 30+ page professional-level masterpiece. For her outstanding efforts and contributions she's awarded the Artwork Medal.

DeviantArt »


Recipient of the Artwork Medal

jacob1290 is a prolific comic artist who started a series of fan comics on the MegakatCity.com forums in mid-2016, whose page count has reached 100, with more content still in development. In his more recent issues he has partnered with other fans to assist with the writing, setting a great example for collaborative efforts. For his avid participation, jacob1290 is awarded the Art Medal.

DeviantArt » | Twitter »

F. Muller

Recipient of the Artwork Medal

F. Muller is often given praise by his fellow artists for the level of skill he displayed in his SWAT Kats artwork, able to create comics and pieces on-model with occasional artistic license. His work inspires others and is considered by many to be something the fandom can show off with pride. For his work, F. Muller is awarded the Artwork Medal.

F. Muller's Art »


Recipient of the Artwork Medal

Placidandy is a member of the SWAT Kats.us forums and the creator of Punch It!, a SWAT Kats fan comic that’s captured the attention of everyone in the fandom. Placidandy is awarded the Artwork Medal for his ongoing work.

Punch It! »


Recipient of the Artwork Medal

SWAT Kats fan R.D.O. spent two years on S.A.T. Nekotach, creating every aspect of the comic, including edition, inking, story, designs, new characters, and coloring. It was written in Spanish to reach a greater amount of SWAT Kats fans around the world. With hundreds of pages and a unique style, R.D.O.’s work is a prime example of dedication and for it he is awarded the Artwork Medal.

S.A.T. Nekotachi »


Recipient of the Artwork Medal

Xanatos4 spent six months working on an incredibly detailed model of the Turbokat. In his own words he put his soul into it, and the effort shows. Everything from the rivets, the grunge wear and tear, the fabric fibers on the upholstery of the Ejektor seats to the weapons and flight control panels are all incredible.

He also made equally detailed models of the SWAT Kats’ hangar, Razor and other weapons, the end-result being a 3D animated video. For breaking new ground and using impressive skill, Xanatos4 is the recipient of the Artwork Medal.

Xanatos4's Art »

Project Medals

Project Medals are awarded to fans who create and carryout elements of the fandom that others can participate or contribute to. The may be web projects, activities or other assorted items that keep SWAT Kats interesting. The following recipients are sorted alphabetically.

Collin Blake

Recipient of the Project Medal

Today, the availability of fan-made music videos has become commonplace due to the rise of social video websites, but in 2002, three years before the debut of YouTube, Collin Blake made the first SWAT Kats music video. Set to Metallica’s Enter the Sandman, Blake made a well-edited piece that still holds up today. It’s influence on the fandom was instant, rejuvenating many people’s enjoyment of the show. For this, Collin Blake is the recipient of the Project Medal.

First AMV »

Mr. Goodkat

Recipient of the Project Medal

Mr. Goodkat is an avid SWAT Kats fandom participant, writer, sound engineer and programmer who wrote and coordinated the War Games illustrated story in 2015. He also provided a large amount of project support for the SWAT Kats Encyclopedia, providing a large amount of data-re-entry and image replacements. He also worked with other fans to develop original soundtracks for their projects. One of his most substantial projects debuted in the summer of 2016: a browser based game entitled “Running Kat” inspired by the original SNES game. For his avid participation and diversity of work Mr. Goodkat is awarded the Project Medal.

War Games » | Running Kat » | SNES Animation »


Recipient of the Project Medal

Krhainos provided the fandom with the first REDACTED, allowing many fans the opportunity to REDACTED. Though others have since done this, he was the first, spending many hours REDACTED and REDACTED bandwidth REDACTED at personal cost.

In addition to REDACTED, Krhainos also provided the SWAT Kats Encyclopedia with several years of free hosting, allowing the then fledgeling site to get on its feet.

For his often times behind-the-scenes help, Krhainos is awarded the Project Medal.

Due to the nature of this project, some items have been redacted.

krhainos.tk »

Craig Rohloff

Recipient of the Project Medal

Craig Rohloff saw a problem and he decided that he could do something to fix it. Toward the midway point of The SWAT Kats Encyclopedia project, time was in short supply for several of the editors. As a result, many of the transcripts were unfinished and postponed. Craig took it upon himself to take the time-consuming and difficult task of finishing the rest of the transcripts (about 25% of the total amount). For his proactive efforts, he is awarded the Project Medal.


Recipient of the Project Medal

Sage organized several fans in 1998 into the Megakat Bureau of Investigation Role Playing Game, an original concept loosely based in the SWAT Kats universe that fueled continued story lines and allowed for easy player integration, which kept the RPG vibrant and active for 12 years.

With its accessible and weekly sessions (sometimes split into afternoons and evenings to meet demand), many members of the fandom have participated in the MBI at some point or another.

Though it retired on October 2, 2010, its many members can still be found participating elsewhere in the fandom.

Sage is awarded the Project Medal for the creation of the MBI.

Metrokat »


Recipient of the Project Medal

Creator of SWAT Kats Revival, Rusakov organized a letter-writing campaign directed at Warner Bros. to bring back SWAT Kats.

It was a large and timely undertaking, finally taking shape at the beginning of 2012, involving many websites across the fandom including SWAT Kats.us, The SWAT Kats Encyclopedia and The LiveJournal Community, among others.

For his efforts to get the show renewed, Rusakov is awarded the Project Medal.

SWAT Kats Revival »

Writing Medals

Writing Medals are awarded to those who have made written contributions that became staples of the fandom. They provide the materials that add to SWAT Kats, showing us the potential the source material has. Recipients may receive this award for their prolific amount of contributions, their influence on other works, the quality of the writing, or the commitment shown by the writers to their works.


Recipient of the Writing Medal

Recognized for her work experimenting with lesser explored genres and creating a tome of an original universe spanning 100,000 words, combined with her avid participation and written insights across several forums for over a decade, AkaneKitty is awarded the Writing Medal for her dedicated authorship.

AkaneKitty's Writing »

Nick Ball

Recipient of the Writing Medal

Nick Ball’s comedic aspects, level of participation and cleverness was well known to fans in the mid-to-late 90s. His unique brand of self-aware writing, most of which can still be fount on the SWAT Kats Fan Fiction Archive, has helped to influence the way many fans view some of the more humorous aspects of SWAT Kats.

He is probably most well-known for his essay, SWAT Kats: Where It's At?, a controversial piece that takes a hard look at the show many know and love and the fandom that had grown around it, making Nick Ball a somewhat ironic recipient of the Writing Medal, but a deserving one nevertheless.

Nick Ball's Writing »

C.L. Furlong

Recipient of the Writing Medal

A fan fiction staple of the late 90s and early 00s, C.L. Furlong had a talent for dramatic writing and showed everyone just what SWAT Kats could be in an even more serious interpretation.

His Final Resistance series is well-known and read, as are his co-authored projects which included several other well-reputed authors of the fandom.

C.L. Furlong also brought his own research into his work, using his science background to create levels of detail not often found in SWAT Kats fiction. He also leant this ability to the SWAT Kat Journal in an article titled, “Why Are the Skies Green?”

For his contributions, C.L. Furlong is awarded the Writing Medal.

C.L. Furlong's Writing »

Mark Lungo

Recipient of the Writing Medal

Mark Lungo is the author of the Animato episode summaries that have formed the core of many fansite’s gudes. He also provided additional materials for the unfinished and Special Report episodes.

For his excellent article, appreciated commentary and participation he is awarded the Writing Medal.

Animato Article »


Recipient of the Writing Medal

Unquestionably the most prolific writer in the SWAT Kats fandom, with 176 stories totaling nearly 3 million words (2,851,117), Ulyferal has been providing the fandom with a plethora of fiction over the past decade ranging across a variety of genres and subject matter. Ulyferal is notable for taking characters in her fiction and portraying them in an even-handed fashion, and for also finishing the stories she starts. Ulyferal is awarded the Writing Medal for her ongoing work.

FanFiction.net Profile »


September 8, 2016

Medal Recipients: Mr. Goodkat, jacob1290

January 31, 2016

Medal Recipients: Betaruga

December 8, 2015

Medal Recipients: AkaneKitty

June 14, 2013

Medal Recipients: Ulyferal

January 16, 2013

Medal Recipients: Aerokat, Placidandy

January 12, 2012

Medal Recipients: Kristen Sharpe, Strike, Clint, DJ Clawson, Razaar, Razor &Xyanth, Felony, Kooshmeister, F. Muller, R.D.O., Xanatos4, Collin Blake, Krhainos, Craig Rohloff, Sage, Rusakov, Nick Ball, C.L. Furlong, Mark Lungo

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